Okay. Time for a rant.

Seriously, what the hell is going on with myki?

So, it's now almost three months since it was announced that the system was being kept, albeit in a modified form.

In that time, what progress have we seen in the myki rollout? What improvements have there been since the review was completed?

As far as I can see, and obviously I've been watching pretty closely, the ONLY thing that's happened in that time is that some myki only gates have been installed at Southern Cross Station. At the end of the Vline Platforms, where they are needed least. If anyone can show me any other progress whatsoever, I'd be impressed.

We've had various media stories, mostly related to the abolition of Short Term Tickets, and the scrapping of tram vending machines (500 of which have been purchased and may never see the light of day).

So far there's been no explanation of what (if anything) might replace Short Term Tickets. If irregular travellers and tourists are forced to buy a full myki card at $10 a pop ($7 for concession) then quite simply this MUST be made refundable on return of the card. It's the only way the system will ever be accepted by non regular travellers, many of whom will probably just fare evade otherwise. This practice is common with similar overseas systems (the main example I can think of is Octopus). What's so hard about doing that here? Someone just needs to make a decision (an ability which seems to elude many involved in the project, both political and departmental). It's a no brainer, but for some even that appears to difficult.

Meanwhile some users continue to be overcharged when fares are incorrectly calculated. Website mykileaks was set up by student Jonathan Mullins to help users detect overcharging. Transport Minister Terry Mulder and Transport Ticketing Authority Chief Bernie Carolan have warned against using the site as it may not be accurate. Hello??? MYKI ISN'T ALWAYS ACCURATE. As much as I like to defend the good things about myki, people still get occasionally overcharged. And yet, at least from the outside, it appears nothing is being done to rectify the problems.

Even now almost 21 months after myki started in Melbourne, touching on is sometimes slow, or readers are unresponsive. That's simply not good enough for the money we've spent, and the time they've had to get this right. Seriously, what are these people doing?

As for the aforementioned rollout of myki on Vline, who knows when anything might happen there. Even the fate of myki on Vline was somewhat unclear when the announcement was made. The gates at Southern Cross seem to indicate it might launch soon but who knows? They could well rust before somebody ever gets to touch on for a trip outside zone 2. Most country stations have equipment installed and waiting to be used, inviting users to "please touch your card", causing more confusion. Again, someone (and I don't really care who) needs to make a decision, rather than continue to sit on their hands as they would appear to have been doing for the last few years. And if they can't make a decision, then they need to explain to us, the tax payers who have bought this thing, why they can't make one, and what they are doing about it.

The worst part is, the level of communication with the public regarding the system is incredibly bad. So many people are confused about what is happening, and yet the latest news from the myki website is this link from June 21 to the government announcement. After that? Nothing.

Who is to blame for where we find ourselves? The former Labor government? The current Liberal Government? Keane/Kamco, the company behind myki? Lynne Kosky, Peter Batchelor, Martin Pakula, Terry Mulder? Bernie Carolan? The Transport Ticketing Authority?

Frankly, I think they all deserve a slice of the blame pie. Some perhaps more than others, but each is at least partially responsible.

I really look forward to the next bit of progress on the myki system. I just hope it's sooner rather than later.


  1. So true, it's just a shambles, no one seems to be in control of the whole thing, it just trundles on, with the odd decision being made and nothing being changed... I've seen the insides of the topup machines, they have all the equipment in them to use temporary tickets, they even have the temporary tickets in storage, why now are they choosing not to use them? It's all a joke...

  2. Do you know if the 2 hour myki rounds up to the next hour? (e.g. touch on just after 12pm so it starts at 1pm)

  3. Totally agree, I'm a casual user of the Public Transport system (once a week) and I don't want to be forced to pay $9 just to get the damn card! Fare evasion is already pretty high at the moment imagine how high it'll be once Metcard is phased out...


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