The overcharge saga continues.

So, I've had a response back from myki regarding the overcharge which any of you would be able to duplicate if you tried (and at least some myki users are probably effected by this on a regular basis).

I will (hopefully) be getting a refund for the overcharge, but not straight away.  Apparently myki do an audit on a monthly basis (I wonder how long that takes?  Wouldn't it take more sense to do it daily?) and any charges over the daily cap when using myki money are refunded automatically.  So it appears if you are overcharged, not only could you possibly be inconvenienced by going into debit (and on trams and buses right now this could mean you might be stuck with no means to topup, and tram or bus is where the issue is most likely to occur) but you then need to keep an eye out for a reimbursement credit.

Although it's great that this audit process is in place, wouldn't it make sense to say, oh, I don't know, fix the problem in the first place?

When I suggested this to the nice girl who rang to let me know I would eventually receive a credit, she gave some vague explanation of "we are continually improving".

I know that this problem has been around for a long time.  I'm almost certain that it happened to my partner very early on, and a number of times over the slightly more than two years we've been using myki.

Perhaps the myki programmers have difficulty with managing something simple like not charging over a specific amount in a specific timeframe.  I know the algorithms behind myki wouldn't be simple, but hey guys, you've had YEARS to get it right.  The fact that this is still happening and that nobody appears to want to actually DO anything about it... well it almost defies belief.