Overcharge Saga: Return of the money

Well today I got a little surprise and it appears the $1.02 I was overcharged on February 12 is waiting as a reimbursement on my myki account and should (all things going swimmingly) appear on my card when I touch it to a reader or machine tomorrow.

Remember, I deliberately (and successfully) set out to get overcharged by following a particularly travel pattern, which could effect many hundreds or maybe even thousands of users each day, particularly on trams and buses.  When I complained about it, I was advised that a regular audit process would reimburse me (eventually).  To give myki their credit, they came through.

The point is of course, that although an audit process is a good idea even on a system that's running perfectly, this fault is obviously well known and should have been fixed ages ago.  It says an awful lot about how the TTA/myki/Kamco/whoever work that things like this appear to be ignored unless somebody takes it to the media, and then magically things get fixed.  I know a bunch of journalists follow my account, maybe they missed my blogposts or didn't understand the problem, but other issues being raised in the media magically seem to get fixed overnight.  Either myki deliberately ignore problems until they come to a head, or,  more than likely, the organisation is so badly run that even if I shout and scream at them the right people will never get told the issue until you go screaming to the media or to the Transport Ombudsman.  Frankly I can't be bothered doing either of those things so someone else can have a go.  Or, it'll just get worse as metcard is progressively switched off.  I'm certain we're in for some interesting times ahead.


  1. I get overcharged on every bus journey home, because Myki doesn't understand where the zone1 zone2 boundary is. TTA now scan my account & re-imburse me automatically. Not ideal, I'd prefer the system to work.


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