Myki is STILL overcharging some users.

Some may remember back in February I posted this, showing how when following particular travel patterns, some users are definitely being overcharged.  Even though myki supposedly runs an audit to find instances of overcharging and reimburse users, this is till obviously a rather major bug in the system which promises to "always charge the lowest fare".  Well, perhaps it does, but not straight away, with a wait of up to a month to get your money back.  And if the overcharge happens to send you into debit you won't be able to travel until you topup again.  And what if you are in a situation (most likely travelling on tram or bus in the zone 1/2 overlap) where you get overcharged multiple times in a month?  Can you be confident you will get all your money back?

Anyway today I went for a nice ride and did a similar set of trips, and lo and behold... I was overcharged again.  But this time I got it on film.

So, myki, when are you going to fix this?  How many people is the happening to each and every day?  How many of them don't even realise they are being overcharged?  And does your audit process always work?  

But the big question:  If I try this again on January 1 2013 when Metcard will almost certainly be gone, will it happen to me again?

EDIT here's my entire travel history detailing the overcharge.


  1. Not entirely on point, but a related issue on overcharging.

    I couldn't touch off the other night because both Myki scanners were down at the station. I knew I would be charged a default fare and, sure enough, the next morning when I touched on on the tram, that's what happened. I called Myki to get it dealt with straight away, only to be told that I would have to call back the next day because their systems update every 24 hours. So they could charge me a default fare within 12 hours of it happening but couldn't even talk to me about fixing it unto 36 hours after it happened.

    The Myki people also told me that I would have to call back and refused to take a message and calls me back. They would have us believe that their inbound call centre is completely unable to make outbound calls. Can't help but feel that they want to make it as hard as possible to get these default fares refunded.


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