myki may no longer be ripping you off.

So, regular readers (and others who just stumbled upon it) will remember this post from back in July.

Well, yesterday I ran the same "experiment" again, and am happy to report that I was not overcharged.  So, it would appear that finally after almost three years the system is running how it's meant to be.  See below for trip details, I am correctly charged the $3.30 weekend cap.

Of course I haven't tested all possible myki fare permutations, and it's quite possible that there are other idiosyncrasies like this one which I haven't stumbled across, but this is one which I know has been happening just about since trams and buses came online in July 2010.

Well done myki.  Now, please make readers as fast as the Oyster ones.  All of them :)

And get the myki barriers working properly.

And yeah, Vline... yesterday, please.