To the tune of Boy and Bears "Feeding Line"

My Comeng moves in time   
It's heading down the Frankston line   
With tagging all over the place
Our carriages over flow

And myki causes strife
Caught up on the Glenhuntly Tram Square
But I'm finding it harder to touch on in order to go
And topping ups hard, do I want a receipt, NO

See my Comeng goes direct
Was meant to go through the loop
I needed Flagstaff, Flagstaff, Flagstaff
To which platform do I go
Richmond is all confused
I'll just end up at Flinders

And then we pull into Platform number 13
Don't pay attention to the information screen
The CLOCKS!!!!!!!

(instrumental interlude and whistling)

The Degraves Subway barriers are slow
Hipsters in Coffee shops they blow
Bloody art show in the walkway

And myki causes Strife
Its gone into debit again!
But I'm finding it hard to touch on in order to go (whistling)
Change to a tram, can I top up there? NO... (whistling)

Nevertheless, could the rollout be any more slow?
You know, know, know...