The Final hours of Metcard

As I write this there are only about 9 hours left in which a Metcard will be valid on Melbourne Public Transport.  From tomorrow it will be myki or bust.

Is Melbourne ready?  I think the answer begrudgingly is "yes", but under sufferance.  The focus continues to fall on Tourists and irregular public transport users who are forced to buy a myki card even if they only want to take one trip.  The lack of single use tickets, even at a premium price, is simply inexcusable.  Not being able to purchase a concession myki card at unstaffed stations is another major failing.

But by far myki's biggest failing, is not the handicapping of the system by government.  In my observation, the biggest problem is the apparent lack of action in recognising and rectifying problems by myki themselves.

You may recall one of the many myki stories in the news regarding the rounding up to the nearest $0.10 of myki pass purchases at myki machines.  Former PTUA President Daniel Bowen blogged about it at the time.

I recall that TTA boss Bernie Carolan was interviewed about it.  I can't find the footage, but to paraphrase, basically his attitude was "bad luck".   No admission that perhaps it was wrong or that it was badly thought out.  The obvious truth was that it would cost even more money with myki operator Kamco to get it changed.

In today's news, Bernie admits that myki is a "bit clunky".  Finally, some truth.

And again today, our favourite bit of footage resurfaced.  As Metcard sails off into retirement, I think it's worth watching it again.  I think it's basically been the epitome of the myki rollout... it was only a simple problem that caused this to happen, an oversight by whoever installed the reader on that pole.  But then that's myki... many oversights, some fixed, some not.


  1. The lack of single use tickets is not only a problem for tourists and irregular users. So many of us regular public transport users have already had to fork out $6 for a replacement myki to get home when ours has inexplicably broken, likewise this will now always be the only option if you leave your myki at home or work, choose to make a unplanned public transport journey or any other number of reasons you might not have your myki on you.


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