Metro Trains February 2013 Compensation.

THE SHORT VERSION: If you are a myki pass user of 28 days or more and used metro for ten days in February and touched on and off, fill out this form and send it off BEFORE THE END OF MARCH.


So we found out yesterday that Metro is due to pay users of 28 days or more myki pass who used Metrotrains for at least ten days in the month (you need to have touched on and off at different stations on the network at least once a day for ten different days in the month) a daily ticket of compensation for the number of cancelled trains in February.  This means a credit of myki money to the myki card containing your pass.  The amount will depend on if you are Full fare or concession, and what zones your pass is valid for.  EG my pass is zone 1, so I will get a $7 credit to my card.

You can read about who is eligible for compensation at this link on the Metro Website, and how much you are likely to be paid.  The worse they do the more you'll get.

Metro are also being a bit narky and if you don't touch off with your myki pass (which you don't technically need to do) they aren't paying up.  So, make sure you do if you want the chance at compensation.

The trick, of course, is finding out that you are even due for compensation.  Metro don't really shout it to the rooftops or anything.  For instance at this point in time, it's not even on the front page of the Metro website under news.  You need to scroll down to the bottom where the 28 day running performance total is, and click the "What's this" button to be directed to the page above.  Unofficial figures I've been told tell us that perhaps only 5% of eligible customers ever claim for compensation.

Metro don't want you to print out and fill out the form.  For every person who is eligible for compensation and doesn't claim, Metro is SAVING MONEY.  


Until someone in our wacky government grows a pair and forces Metro to make it easier for you to claim compensation (or, better yet, makes it automatic through myki), it takes but 5 minutes of your time to print out the form, fill it in and then post it off the next time you walk by a post box.

Even if you have a yearly or a commuter club pass, do it anyway.  With the ability to by another card or   buy a pass on another card with your myki money, it's worth getting the compensation even if you never actually use it to travel yourself.

To save you time, the link to the form for myki is here:

This is the ORIGINAL form from the Metrotrains Website.

You will need to print the form out, fill it in, and post it off.  Postage is replypaid and free.

Assuming your claim is successful you will get a nice letter from Metro telling you as much, and normally around the end of the month the credit appears on your myki card as an online top-up.

Since myki began in Melbourne (and even prior under metcard) I have claimed nearly every month I was eligible and have probably had the equivalent of at least a monthly myki pass, so it is worth doing.

Of course, the best thing of all would be a train system where trains weren't cancelled and always ran on time (and, addtionally, stopped at every advertised station).

Perhaps, one day, Melburnians will get the train system they deserve.


  1. Hello, Metro /yarra/v-line have very little to do wih Myki or it's compensation systems. It's all run by another company. A company of whom no representative has been seen, a secret PO BOX in the city. Trust me, Metro can only make a suggestion to Myki and whether they follow it up or not is completely out of their hands.

  2. I am disgruntled by the fact that because I use Myki money, I am not eligible for the compensation. I received a compensation rejection letter for my January claim. I have chosen to use Myki money due to the unpredictability of my work/study patterns. Each month, I have used my Myki at least ten times. Why is it that I am somewhat discriminated for my choice and not deemed eligible for compensation? I am a frequent user of public transport, and have the same right to adequate service as the Myki pass holders. It also stifles me that the compensation is as Myki money. Does this mean that when the customer uses the compensatory Myki money, and the targets are failed to be met again, they may run the risk of being deemed ineligible for the compensation due to the fact that they used Myki money (does it alter the length of validity of the Myki pass? What if you use the service 9 days on a pass and 1 day on Myki money?)

    Also, I don't understand why they require customers to follow such a bureaucratic process to claim compensation. (Well perhaps I do.... The hoops you have to jump through may be deemed as too much effort for some so they drop it, hence saving Metro a bit of cash). There should be a policy instated that has all eligible customers automatically receive compensation upon Metro not achieving the benchmark. After all, Myki is supposed to bring us more convenience due to its automation. Liken the situation to an employer paying an employee's wage.... Their time is tracked in timesheets, and payment is automatically paid based on the timesheets. We don't expect employers to require you to remind them to pay you based on your timesheet (barring payroll system glitches). If you are eligible for a payment, it should be honoured automatically.


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