Easy like Sunday Morning.

So my June myki experiment is continuing... so far in my travels I've catalogued 15 or so out of order readers and myki machines.  It does seem that since last month where it seemed every second reader was playing up that things have improved to some extent but there's still problems, and readers are still slow on occasion.  I will post the results at the end of the month.

But onto something a bit different.

Someone close to me is going to be participating in Run Melbourne on Sunday July 21.

Registration for Run Melbourne starts at a very early 6.00AM, and the first event, a half Marathon, starts at 7.00AM.

But, in Australia's second largest city, nobody who participates in this event will be able to get there via Public Transport.

It might be 2013, and we might be living in one of the most diverse and cosmopolitan cities on Earth (or at least that's what our leaders want us to think).  But for some reason we've stuck to this 1950's ideal that everyone sleeps in on a Sunday and all they do is go to Church.  Newsflash Denis:  Sunday is mainly a day like any other and it's time it was treated as such.

At the very least Sunday should simply run the exact same timetable as Saturday.

In most cases the earliest you can get into the city on any Metro line is 7:58AM, way too late for the race (or anything else you might want to attend).  Trams get you there a bit earlier if you're lucky enough to live close enough in for one, but even then you'd miss the start by half an hour.

However a Saturday timetable is much better and gets you into the city at 5.29 in some cases, plenty of time to register and be ready for the race.

On some lines on a Sunday morning where trains run every ten minutes between 10AM-7PM, there are more trains in the hour after ten O'clock than in the entire morning before it.

Skybus will even get you to the airport early enough on a Sunday morning.  But how is anybody meant to get to Southern Cross Station to catch it?

If Melbourne truly wants to think of itself as a world city, they need to let go of this antiquated thinking, get rid of the Sunday Timetable, simply have a weekend timetable which operates exactly the same way on both days, on all modes of transport.