Random Musings on a Variety of Subjects

  • Default fares still show up twice in myki travel history, making it difficult to understand particularly for tram users
  • Readers particularly on trams and buses still faulty on a reasonably large scale.
  • The completely ridiculous "In Service - Processing, Please Wait" message.  What exactly does this mean?  Newsflash myki:  computers can do multiple things at once.  This simply isn't necessary, though perhaps on the technology myki is using it is?
  • They had more than four years to get myki to work properly on Vline, yet reports of inconsistent charging abound.  
East West Link:

I mean, seriously.  What the hell are these people thinking?  There's tunnels that need digging in Melbourne, but this certainly isn't one of them.  This Liberal government, which basically got in on the skin of it's teeth because of public transport, is basically now flipping all those voters the bird.  How simply, exquisitely, moronically stupid are these people?  

Flinders Street Station:

I was extremely fortunate to get to tour Flinders Street during Melbourne Open House.  I stood in the Grand Ball Room, and saw how dilapidated it was.  The designs for the Flinders Street Competition were amazing, some better than others.  We want Flinders Street to look incredible and we want better amenity but it would appear all of this (and a bunch of other stuff) will have to wait while Napthine's Folly gets dug up along with the lives of a bunch of residents along Alexander Parade.

Regional Rail Link:

Travelling semi-regularly on the Geelong Line I've been watching the progress of RRL on and off.  It's certainly impressive what's been achieved so far and I'm looking forward to it progressing.  I'm not sure it was the best way forward to improve that corridor and almost certainly it could have been done differently or more cheaply that it has been.  I think the one major critique I have is that they didn't integrate North Melbourne Station into RRL with it's own platforms to allow a change to City Loop trains for commuters.  I know there were reasons behind this decision but I believe they've made the wrong one.

Essendon Football Club.