Apple Crumble for Everyone!

I know that a great many of you would enjoy apple crumble.

Well, great news!  The Napthine Government is going to offer EVERYONE apple crumble, real soon now.

Victorian Apple Crumble

You've visited other countries, and cities, and you've had the apple crumble those places have to offer, they impressed you greatly with the sweetness of the crumble, the freshness of the apples.  The dish the crumble was baked in was of first class quality, and even the oven the crumble was cooked in was the epitome of culinary Technology.

Well, the good news is that Melbourne is finally getting crumble for everyone, anyone who wants it in fact.  As much as you can eat and anytime you like.

Never mind the details; you don't really need to know that right now.  And with an election looming, the next big promise is only just around the corner, they wouldn't want to confuse you with unnecessary minutiae.  Don't worry though, they'll tell you soon enough.  Maybe a bit more at Budget time, like the size of the dish, the depth of the crumble layer itself, possibly even the temperature of the oven.

Victorian Ovens can be Expensive.

Any possibility of cream or custard?  That's a big ask.  They'll look at that, at some point down the... track.

More important details like a timeframe on crumble delivery, a start date for the big crumble cook, well you're probably not going to get that until after the election.  They don't even know how much it's going to cost yet, exactly, because well they're not really sure how much crumble they'll need.

Again, don't worry!  You can trust that, eventually, all good things will come to those who wait,  and, quite possibly, even if there's a change of government!  After all, both sides of politics seem to like crumble!

You'll get your crumble.  And you can be sure that prior to November 2018 the apple crumble will at least be mentioned, in passing, along with a promise that you'll get it at some point, real soon now.